Who are we?

The think tank for sustainable digital services gathers experts, companies and organizations, both public and private to promote the implementation of the environmental and social responsibility principles in the design of digital services.

The think tank is made up of more than 90 organizations from all origins, namely clients, environmental specialized agencies, web agencies, digital eco-design specialist, software and services organisations, institutions, federations and research specialists.

The think tank gathers the majority of players involved in sustainable digital services within the community.

Our objectives are non profitable.

Our values

Every action is in line with the values and principles shared by the members of the Think Tank
Nos valeurs

Our Vision

The Think tank for sustainable digital services aims at:

In compliance with the principles of ISO 14062 standards, the practice is developed at each step of the lifecycle through:

Our ambition

To become the European reference for eco-design of digital services thanks to:

Contributing members are as listed below:

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